20th International Film Festival ETNOFILM ČADCA 2018

Data: 20/11/2018 al 23/11/2018

Čadca, Slovakia

ETNOFILM is an international biennial film festival devoted to ethnology as well as social and cultural anthropology in a wide sense of the term. The main goals of the festival are to screen recent documentaries on cultural and social diversity of the human community and raise awareness of the general public, filmmakers and media about the necessity of its protection, to encourage new productions on the above topics by giving awards, to support the development of Slovak film in the field of visual anthropology, to organize expert meetings during the festival. Etnofilm Čadca 2018 shall devote special attention to the films on cultural diversity of the European nations, the cornerstone of the European cultural heritage. 

+ info: http://www.etnofilm.sk/en/