EASA Conference 2008 "Experiencing, diversity and mutuality"

Data: 26/08/2008 al 30/08/2008

Organitza: European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA)

La 10 ª Conferència Bienal de l'European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) tindrà lloc a Liubliana, Eslovenia.

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Body and Soul. On Corporeality in Contemporary Religiosity    (W 011)

Convenors: Anna Fedele (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, EHESS, Paris; EASA Anthropology of Religion Network), Ruy Llera Blanes (ICS, University of Lisbon; Leiden University; EASA Anthropology of Religion Network)

Contemporary religiosity is defined by new ways of conceiving faith and the body, either opposing or recovering "traditional" senses. In this workshop we propose to assess the importance of the body and its perceptions in religious faith, calling for ethnographic contributions focusing on these aspects.

Corporeality has always been a key locus for the definition of belief and religious experience: in Christianity, for example, it has ranged from the blood of Christ to the Pentecostal tongues of fire. Contemporary spiritual experiences (Neopaganism, Neo-Pentecostals, Falun-Gong) have produced new instruments for conceiving faith and the body, opposing or recovering "traditional" senses. Anthropologists have been, over time, developing multiple strategies to describe and analyse this kind of spiritual bodily experiences: from Evans-Pritchard's description of Nuer conceptions of the soul to Constance Classen's insights on Inca cosmology and the human body, Paul Stoller's postmodern approach on sorcery apprenticeship in Niger and Thomas Csordas' study on the fenomenology of healing. In this panel we intend to discuss these and other possible approaches calling for papers on ethnographic contributions focusing on the connection between "body" and "soul" and the perception of corporeality in contemporary religious faith.

The call for papers will be open between January 20, 2008 and March 31, 2008.

Papers in French are welcome. Nous acceptons aussi des papers et des présentations en français.

Papers should be proposed using the online form linked from each workshop page (see www.easa2008.eu). This workshop appears as W 011, you can access it directly through this link:


Any questions can be adressed to Anna Fedele (annafedele@yahoo.com) or Ruy Blanes (ruy.blanes@gmail.com)

Children and migration in Europe: between new citizenships and transnational families
Location TBA
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Silvia Carrasco (Universitat Autònoma Barcelona) silvia.carrasco@uab.es
Esben Leifsen (University of Oslo) esben.leifsen@sai.uio.no
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Short Abstract
The aim of this workshop is to review and get a better understanding of processes and experiences as lived by children involved in and affected by migration. We welcome papers from different countries based on recent ethnographic research and new theoretical perspectives on children and migration.

Long Abstract
The new "era of migration" (Castles & Miller, 1998) has brought major changes in Europe. Political trends show a radicalisation of ideological positions related to notions of citizenship and identity while the survival -or the development- of welfare state systems is being seriously reconsidered. Newspaper headlines inform us of dramatic consequences of these trends for the children of immigrants and child migrants.

Traditional visions of immigration provided by former debates and research are no longer sufficient in order to understand the processes and experiences affecting children involved in migration. Basic areas of such processes and experiences do to a certain extent remain unexplored; reunification, transnational households and families, rights and conditions to access legal status, experiences of belonging. New studies conclude that there is a need for cross-national comparisons (cf. CHIP, 2000, Portes & DeWind, 2007), and we also argue that there is a need for a stronger engagement of anthropologistst in migration research on children and childhood

This workshop will offer a space to present recent ethnographic research from different European areas and discuss new theoretical perspectives. The aim is to review and get a better understanding of processes and experiences as lived by the children involved in and affected by migration.

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Dra. Silvia Carrasco Pons

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