Nou número de la revista del World Anthropologies Network


Susana Narotzky y Gustavo Lins Ribeiro

Part 1. World Anthropologies and Anthropology’s Politics

Traditions of Knowledge in Colonial Management of Inequality: Reflections on an Indigenist Administration Perspective in Brazil
Antonio Carlos de Souza Lima

Social Science Knowledge and Military Intelligence: Global Conflict, Territorial Control and the Birth of Area Studies During WW II
David Nugent

Antropólogos-ciudadanos (y comprometidos) en la Argentina.
Las dos caras de la “antropología social” en 1960-70
Rosana Guber

Hegemonic Gravity and Pluralistic Utopia: a Comparative approach to internationalization in Anthropology
Benoît de L’Estoile

Antropologías mundiales en cuestión: diálogos y debates
Gonzalo Díaz Crovetto

Part 2. Report from the WCA meeting in SA

Stereotypes and the Changing Image of Anthropology in Brazil
Gustavo Lins Ribeiro

Fateful legacies and the burdens of academic excellence: UK anthropology and the public sphere
John Gledhill

Transformation of the public image of anthropology: the case of Japan
Junji Koizumi

Anthropology!? that’s interesting!
Henk Pauw

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